F&C Sensing Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd . it's focus on the development and manufacture sensors. Products contain Optical Fiber Sensors, Laser Sensors, Proximity sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber sensors , Din-rail Power Supplies and so on.

Our main products
Optical Fiber Tube
Photo sensors
Optical Fiber Sensor
Proximity sensors
Pressure Sensors
Laser Alignment
Magnetic Sensors
Switching Power Supplies
Light Curtain (Area Sensor)
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 F&C Sensing Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd (F & C) has been specialized in making autocontrol elements,such as: optical fiber, optical fiber sensors, plastic optical fiber, focusing mirrors, fiber amplifiers, counters, timepieces, controllers, photoelectric switches, close-up switches ,etc. various of our current sensors have been widely used in industrial machinery and equipment and automatic assembly line of plastic, light industry, shoemaking industry, textiles, chemical, petroleum, tobacco, food industry, metallurgy,electric power field, for the purpose of limiting, position detection, automatic counting, speed measuring, automatic protection, signal transmission, protection, or isolation. 
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